What Attorney Can Help Me with My Columbus Personal Injury Claim

Many Lawyers Claim To Be Personal Injury Attorneys So Beware.  Learn The Real Ones in This Video by Columbus Attorney Anthony Castelli

Finding a Good Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a personal injury lawyer that is right for you can be done. But it is not easy. If you have been injured in a car accident it is likely that you will get 10-15 letters from attorneys telling you to hire them. But what do you really know about their qualifications? Might you end up with a lawyer that  really does not want to promote you best interests but is interested in a fast buck.

It’s sad but true. There are all kinds of lawyers saying they are a personal injury lawyer, from lawyers that have no courtroom experience to those that handle hundreds of cases in and out the door. So you need to be careful and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to pick an experienced personal injury lawyer that has you best interests at heart. One that will tell you if you even need a lawyer.

What Injury Victims Deserve in Their Lawyer

In this video injury victims will get a quick education on what a experienced personal injury offers. Jonathan Rosenfeld a Chicago injury lawyer questions Anthony Castelli about whether just any lawyer is fully equipped to properly handle a personal injury claim to position it for maximum recovery.

Anthony Castelli an Ohio advocate for those people harmed by the negligence of others answers Attorney Rosenfeld’s question in layman’s terms without legalese jargon. After all he’s had 32 years experience helping those hurt by carelessness of other  and fighting big insurance to get them what they deserve to make up for their harms.

Learn what it takes to properly prepare your personal injury claim and why just anyone without experience is putting you at risk. Big insurance must see you will take their money before they will give it to you , even though its owed to you and you did nothing to deserve your injury or further mistreatment at the hands of big insurance or a incompetent lawyer.

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