How Much is My Columbus Car Accident Worth – The Settlement Calculator

Car Crash

Car crash

If you are trying to resolve your case by yourself hopefully it is a small claim. You can probably do just as good  without a lawyer. Some will say your claim is worth 2-5 times your medical bills then add your lost wages. Simple enough. But it depends on how long your injury lasted .

The Reality of a Small Claim Value

Small claims have limited value because even a great lawyer is no real threat to get a higher result. It’s not worth filing a lawsuit on a $5000-$7500 claim. So I discuss with people a couple times a week that they need to document their bills and lost wages and add $5000-$7500 as a starting negotiation point. This would normally be your small neck or low back strain that lasted 6-8 weeks and you had $2500 in bills for an emergency room visit,  some follow up, and maybe even 4-6 therapy visits. And you are now healed.

If you get the insurance company such as Allstate or State Farm to offer you 3x your bills in a small case like that, take it and run. of course it never hurts to  get a free consultation to see if you are on the right track. This is general advice. You must make sure you are totally healed before you sign a release.

In Serious Injury Claims You May Do Better With an Experienced Injury Lawyer

If you have a significant injury such as a head trauma, broken leg, broken arm, herniated disc, broken hand or foot, amputation, or other serious harm then there are ways to determine a settlement range and how much your case is worth. But do not count on getting that money without a auto accident injury lawyer that knows how to prepare your case and is willing to file  suit if necessary. A lawyer with  years of his own data can use that and other research and can review somewhat similar cases to see what value range may be appropriate.

Although, if you made a wrong move  before getting to a lawyer then you may never get what you should have. On your own what threat are you to the insurance company. NONE. So why should they pay you fair value. On your own you may just end up making that critical mistake the ruins your claim.

Read this article about how Allstate tries to keep you from a lawyer so they will pay you less.  Then take a look at this short video and access the free download to see just what you can recover for. Then call an experienced auto crash lawyer for a free consultation. I will tell you if I think I can put more money in your pocket than you can by yourself. If I do not think I can I’ll tell you. 


Call for a free case consultation. No obligation. We won’t pressure you . What do you have to lose. A lot if you rely on an insurance company that wants to pay you as little as possible. If you hire us our fee is 1/3 of the recovery. The more you get the more we get. Just the opposite of what the insurance company agenda is . The less you get the more they get.

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Disclaimer: This is general information,  not specific to any individual case. You should consult a lawyer if you have been hurt. You may not rely on this to create an attorney client relationship. Never settle too soon. Remember a seemingly small harm can turn into a life suffering