Is A Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer The Same as a Car Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a car accident the question you may be asking yourself is what kind of lawyer should I search for. As you see categories of lawyers or put in search terms for lawyers one of the questions is should you look specifically for a car accident lawyer or is the term personal injury lawyer okay.

There is no specific specialty of personal injury lawyer or car accident attorney recognized by the Ohio Supreme Court. So the issue is what experience does the lawyer have with car accident cases.The same can be said for the term personal injury lawyer. Do they have experience with auto accident claims

Someone that holds themselves out as an experienced car accident lawyer is focusing on a subset of personal injury law. Personal injury law is commonly understood to mean that area of law that deals with physical or mental injury to a person caused by the fault of another.

The term personal injury lawyer is obviously broader and encompasses other accident types other than car crashes. These could include dog bites, slip and falls commonly called premises liability, products liability where some product caused harm, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, child injury claims and wrongful deathand other injuries.

Most “personal injury lawyers” are handling car accidents on a regular basis. This is true because these are the most common injury claims. So the focus can be on either phrase . But the important issue is to learn if the lawyer you will hire is a trial lawyer experienced with injury claims. Have they gone to trial and regularly limit there practice or at least focus it on personal injury.

The common factor in all of the cases for car accident claims is the focus on the injury that was suffered and proving that injury was caused in the car crash. So although personal injury encompasses more than car accidents, a lawyer holding themselves experienced in either area should be okay as long as they can answer the important question of significant experience with personal injury claims and prior trial experience.

A good tip is to look at their results, testimonials from clients and peer reviews. Also if they hold themselves out as practicing in many non personal injury areas you may end up with a jack of all trades and a master of none.

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