Case Results

Wrongful death of a 29 year old motorcyclist on I -75 in a construction zone. crash caused by worn out and slick black out tape. Suit filed against the State of Ohio, construction contractor Kokosing, and tape manufacturer. Multiple depositions. Investigation and public records requests revealed prior accidents in the same area. Settlement at mediation $1,200,000.00

$1,200,000.00 settlement for a 25 year old lady in a car crash with a truck that caused amputation of her arm below the elbow. Co-counsel with Tennessee attorney where the accident occurred to Cincinnati, Ohio resident. Accident occurred in a flash blizzard. Dispute on liability.

$80,000 jury verdict for 30 year old woman in a car accident where her car was t-boned at an intersection. Injury to her neck resulted in arthritic spur from flexion extension injury laterally. Defense argued injury was typical whiplash that healed in 8-12 weeks.

$465,000 mediated settlement pre-suit for burn injuries to 16 year old boy. Careless smoker was alleged to cause the fire. Proof was smoke detector did not work and landlord had notice of the inoperable smoke detector. (Please note that there are two types of smoke detectors and photoelectric has proven safer than ionic smoke detectors.)

$180,000.00 settlement after lawsuit was filed. 59 year old woman was caused aggravation of degenerative disc disease caused by a head on left of center car accident. She required surgery to her neck.

Broken arm caused to young man in a rear end motorcycle car collision. Settlement for $100,000 policy limits.

Shoulder injury to young woman caused rotator cuff injury and surgery. Jury Verdict $105,000.

Young man caused broken leg in motor vehicle crash. Settlement of $100,000.00 full policy limits.


Disclaimer:  These results are not intended to represent what your claim may be worth. These are just some examples of people we have helped  Every case is as different as a snow flake. There can never be a guarantee of the outcome of any claim. We would be happy to discuss other claims or injuries we have handled. We would be honored to explain our 5 fundamentals of recovery and hopefully help you with our brand of uncompromising advocacy help you recover full and fair money damages.