Columbus Car Accident Hit And Run – Bicyclist Seriously Injured

A hit and run car accident personal injury occured to a bicyclist on July 3rd in Columbus. Police have some clues but are asking your help to find the hit skip driver. A passing motorcycle rider is credited with quick action that helped the catastrophically injured person riding their bike on Woodland Avenue near Woodward Avenue.

The motorcycle rider stopped and stayed with the injured bicycle rider. The rider was laying in the road and thier injuries appeared critical. The motorcyclist called police and gave first aid to the downded bike rider.

Columbus police believe rhe auto was a Volkswagon and should have extensive damage to the front of it. Please call the columbus police department at 614-645-4545 if you have information about the crash or the hit and run driver.


Bicycle riders as well as motorcycle riders have equall rights to the highway with automobile drivers. Unfortunately too many drivers do not give these vehicle operators the respect they deserve. Motorcylists are often looked down about, but here a courageous motorcyclist and good samaritan may have saved a life.

By Anthony Castelli Columbus personal injury attorney

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