Columbus Car Accident Lawyer Tips For Allstate Car Accident Injury Claims

Ohio State House Columbus  I have a claim for injuries against a car driver insured by Allstate, “what are my options” is a question I have heard plenty of times. As with a claim against any insurance company one critical question is do I need a lawyer. Or can you find a lawyer to take your claim for harm. If you case is clear cut on the fault of the other party you still want to nail down the evidence that supports that.

It never hurts to consult with a personal injury lawyer. The question then becomes how do you find an experienced one. Start with my book Attorney Advertising Revealed. The link will take you to a free download. This is particularly important if you claim is against Allstate especially. They have been rated the worst insurance company in America by the American Association For Justice.

So for serious injuries you are going to have to fight for what’s fair. That means hiring a lawyer because a injury lawsuit is probably going to  be necessary. So do not wait and let mistakes pile up and evidence get lost. Get the services of an uncompromising lawyer that is willing to file suit and go to trial if necessary. Also consider a lawyer that will advance the expenses of litigation. These can be hefty and serious experienced accident injury lawyers are willing to advance the expenses to be paid back out of the recovery.

Put Together Value Drivers          

There are certain facts that drive the value of your case up. Allstate uses a computer program to evaluate damages. You want to emphasize those value drivers as much as possible. Some of them are:

1. Every diagnosis and the appropriate code and treatment code on all billings. ( these are ICD and CPT codes) My nurse case manager knows how to get them and make sure they are related to the claim.

2. They want objective evidence of injury such as muscle spasms and limited range of motion and diagnostic studies.

3. Documenting your pain with activity such as work, school or household activity.

4. Physical therapy.

5. No significant gaps in treatment.

6. Seeing a specialist

7. Prognosis of permanent injury.

8. The doctor’s records and reports must record these things and be stated in terms of probability not possibility.


3 Critical Things That Decrease Value

1. If you see a chiropractor for an extended period of time.

2. If you have preexisting conditions especially if you try to hide them.

Some folks will go to a different doctor than the one that treated them previously in the hopes no one will know about a past injury even if it has healed. It is better to go to the same doctor because they can give a true before and after picture about your claim and injuries.

3. Your doctor gives his opinion about your injuries in possibilities. As anything is possible those statements are not credited.


Develop a System For Winning 

You need to develop a system for winning. You need to know the fundamentals critical to maximizing your claim so the harm you were caused is made whole or balanced by a fair settlement . I have developed over 32 years a system of  5 Fundamentals of Maximizing Recovery. There is more to it than just these 5 fundamentals, but some things are better left to a private face to face consultation.

Just know that you do not have to be alone when you have been caused serious harm. My focus is on uncompromising advocacy and uncompromising compassion for you. Justice demands you be treated with respect and care. And that you be fully and fairly made whole for your losses, damages and injuries.

Call today for a free consultation in Columbus 614-438-2672 . If you can not get to me, I’m happy to come to you. If you want to take a look at some of my results go here But just remember although certain things are critical in every case, the uniqueness of you makes your case as unique as a snowflake.