Columbus Drunk Driver Kills Confesses

A drunk driver, Mathew Cordle, who caused the death of Vincent Canzanni made a videotaped confession. The confession is apparently real. It’s gone viral on the internet.

As reported by the Verge the highly produced video was made by an organization called Because I Said I Would. Reportedly Cordle sent a message to the organization and they came running to produce his “confession”

The story about the Columbus car crash was initially broke by Columbus’s . It was described as a fatal crash the shut down I -670 Westbound. A driver was going the wrong way on the freeway. That driver was Mathew Cordle. He was caught at the scene.The crash occurred on June 22.

Cordle state in the video that he probably could have gotten off. He also said attorneys told him they could suppress the  tests and if he lied they could get him off. That just doesn’t ring true.

Cordle was caught at the scene. He was driving the car the wrong way on the free way. He had been out drinking that night with friends. It’s a slam dunk conviction in my book for aggravated vehicular homicide.

This is a calculated ploy for a lighter sentence. I have no sympathy for Cordle and view him as a sociopath. What also shocks me is where has the Franklin County prosecutor’s office been on this case. Charges should have been filed weeks ago. It was reported that they downloaded the video for evidence.

To me this drags the deceased, Vincent Canzani, and his family through unnecessary publicity. Why not just go to the prosecutor and tell your story. Cordle wants a few minutes of fame and some are buying it. Take a look at the comments to the Youtube video.

It’s made me angry. People that drink and drive and drug and  hurt others are just asking for trouble. How come a nice guy like Vincent Canzani dies and the perpetrator lives.

So here’s the video so you don’t have to chase it down. I have mixed emotions about posting it. But it’s what I’m writing about and you can find it all over the internet. Maybe I’m just one more sucker that’s doing Cordle’s bidding. I hope not.


By Anthony Castelli,  an Ohio  personal injury lawyer serving Columbus and other communities in Ohio .