Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit Release

Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit Released To Save Lives (via PR Newswire)

A recent study showed motorcycle rider fatalities are on the rise. Attorney Anthony Castelli is releasing his Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit free to Ohio motorcyclists in conjunction with May, motorcycle safety awareness month, in the hope that its use will prevent injuries to motorcycle riders and save…


Motorcycle riders have as much right to the road as automobile operators. Although the recent report shows motorcycle fatalities are increasing there are many reasons for this. More motorcyclists, more riding time, untrained bikers and car drivers that are distracted.

Ohio is a state with the third most registered motorcycles. The effort to increase motorcycle safety awareness and tactics to lessen serious injuries and fatalities is a partnership between government and highway users. Columbus motorcycle accidents are too common place. Motorcycles are seen in abundance in the downtown area, the Ohio state area and in all the suburbs of Columbus. Bikers come from all walks of life and more and more women are riding.

In order to promote safety in conjunction with May being motorcycle awareness month, I recently put out a press release seen above offering the Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit to Ohio residents for free. Order yours today.Please take a few momnets to read the press release, see if you want the tools to save your life and call for a FREE Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit today. In Columbus call

The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their families

The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their families

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