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  Seriously Injured Columbus Car Accident Victims

                          Overcome Your Fears


You may fear the insurance company will rip you off.

You may fear if you hire a lawyer they will rip you off.

You are not alone . Those fears are real. But they can be overcome.

Now is the time to decide whether you are going to battle big insurance by yourself . If you do then chances are here’s what you face:

1 Relying on the insurance adjuster who wants to preserve company profits and pay you as little as possible.

2 Statistical and anecdotal evidence that chances are your settlement will be lower than it would be without the help of an experienced personal injury advocate.


Will you partner with a lawyer you can trust to fight for you with all their heart for you so you might reap these benefits:

1. You have a trusted advisor to explain the process, your options and answer your questions.

2. You have an experienced advocate that knows the best actions to take to position your claim for maximum value

3. An attorney that will push big insurance for a fair settlement.

3. An attorney that knows how to value your claim and will file a lawsuit if necessary to fight for just compensation.

But How Do You Know You Can Trust The Attorney You Choose

Knowing what to look for in a personal injury lawyer is key. That’s why I authored the book Attorney Advertising Revealed.

You can go to Amazon and purchase it. Or you can download it for free. Right Now. Click on the image of the book below and fill in your name and email. We will not use it to bother you.

After you have read my book created for people just like you Call Me for a free initial consultation with no obligation. 1-800-447-6548 You will be able to speak with me directly on the phone. The call is at no cost to you. I will explain your options and what I can do for you.

Do your research on me . You will find I am rated premminent by Martindale Hubbel, rated superb by Avvo and was again this year 2013 listed as Ohio Super lawyer in the Ohio Super lawyers magazine.

I will provide you with testimonials from former clients and results I have obtained in settlements and trials.

If you are seriously injured you should seriously consider hiring an experienced personal injury auto accident lawyer to help you maximize the value of your claim, keep the wolves at bay, and remove that pit in your stomach of fear and uncertainty.

There’s really no good reason you need to fight this by yourself. The time is now to take some action to take control of your life.

Here’s two short videos I made for people looking to maximize the value of their claim.

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