Ohio State Highway Patrol Cracks Down On Distracted Driving – Shut Up and Drive

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is cracking down on distracted driving this week. I say it’s about time. The task of driving demands that you watch the road ahead of you. You must be able to stop in time for stopped traffic, pedestrians, anything in the roadway in front of you. You must stay in your lane and not drift from one side to another.

What is The Ohio State Highway Patrol Going To Do

It appears that the Ohio police are going to be on the look out for signs of distracted driving such as following too close, weaving and things that mimmick drunk driving. In fact there is a study done by the National Safety Council in 2012 that shows that people on cell phones have a slower reaction time that people that register a .o8 blood alchohol.

Distracted Driving is an Addiction of Epidemic Proportions

It’s an type of addiction. Although texting appears to be the worst. There is not much difference than texting and dialing a cell phone. Both cause you to take your eyes off the road. I’m guilty of talking on a cell phone while driving and I’m pledging right now to stop. What example have I  set for my children. I’m embarrassed to say , but it’s not a very good one.

So I’m very glad the Ohio State Highway patrol is stepping up their efforts to stop distracted driving. It increases my awareness of my behavior. We must be mindful of what we are doing. The losses are devastating. Over 3000 people died in distracted driving car crashes in 2011. You are 23 times more likely to be in an accident if you are distracted on a cell phone.

The Federal Government NHTSA Has Got This One Right

The Department of Transportationhas held 2 national distracted driving summits. They have banned texting and cell phone use for commercial vehicles. They have encouraged states to put in force stronger laws. They are trying hard to raise public awareness. Your resource for distracted driving is www.distraction.gov


The carmakers have got it wrong. They are creating hands free calling systems. Reseach by AAA has found that hands free devices are still too distracting. So these devices are no solution. They will likely make the problem worse. If you were sitting on a jury where a driver with a hands free device caused injury would you be willing to find the car manufacturer partially responsible. Be prepared to do so, because a slaughter is predicted. These hands free devices can cause tunnel vision because concentration is taken off the task of driving. (1)

The Devastation

Please take a moment to learn how one family was forever affected. There are countless others.



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(1) http://techland.time.com/2013/06/12/aaa-study-says-hands-free-texting-is-still-distracting-for-drivers/


Columbus Attorney Urges Drivers To Pledge No Cell Phone Use While Driving

For Release, Ohio, United States 2013

Distracted driving

As an Ohio injury lawyer focusing on motor vehicle accidents I urge AAA to redouble its suppport of  no texting and driving. Texting and driving is now said to be the number 1 cause of teen deaths. Let us not stop here.  Let’s go farther . Stop all cell phone use while driving a car. After all, taking your eyes of the road to dial a cell phone is just as dangerous as texting.

In 2011 AAA started a campaign against texting and driving putting up billboards and publishing a number to call while stopped to show your support for the then proposed State of Ohio no texting law.  Call that number now and it is not a good number. Yes, Ohio passed a no texting law. But that is not the end of the story.

We must not only campaign for laws , but we must take the message to the people. To the parents, to the schools, to the kids that drive. It is behavior we are concerned about in the end. Not just making laws. Sure that helps to shape behaior, but there is much more to be done. Here is what you can do right now.

It is not only teenagars that are texting and using cell phones. Even professional truck drivers are texting while driving with disastrous results. How many parents are on the phone in the car. The example being set is shameful and I’m guilty of it also . It’s time for me to stop. It’s time for all of us to stop driving and using cell phones.

Ask Everyone In Your Family To Pledge No Cell Phone Use While Driving

You want to take the challenge. Let me make it simple . Print this article off and sign the pledge at the bottom of the page. Make copies and have every driver in your family sign.


                    No Cell Phone Use While Driving Pledge


I understand that cell phone use while driving is hazardous. It takes my eyes of the road. It can cause deadly accidents. It is the leading cause of teenage driving deaths. Therefore I pledge with all my hearts as follows:


                  I pledge not to drive and use a cell phone. 



_________________________________________                   ____________________

Signature                                                                                                              Date

Columbus Attorney Warns Against Distracted Driving

Ohio has recently enacted a ban on texting while driving your car, but auto drivers should police themselves so they do distracteddrivingesnot cause serious injury or death from distracted driving. Once upon a time the radio Cd player was a main culprit in a distracted driving accident. Now we know the cell phone is one of the major causes of distracted driving motor vehicle collisions.


What Do the Statistics Tell Us About Distracted Driving 

According to the federal government :

  1. In 2011, 3,331 individuals were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver.
  2. 387,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashed involving a distracted driver.
  3. Texting creates a risk of crash 23 times more likely than a non distracted driver.
  4. Driving while using a cell phone takes away 37% of the brain that would be vigilant on the road.
  5. Headset use is not substantially safer than hand held use.

Distracted Driving Is Anything That Takes Your Full Attention From Driving

The distractions are more than just cell phone use. Other things to avoid are:

  • Eating or Drinking
  • Reading a paper or Map


  • Talking to Passengers
  • Grooming
  • Using a navigation system
  • Adjusting the radio, or CD player
  • Looking for Something or at someone in the Back seat

If You Are Injured By a Distracted Driver

If a distracted driver causes you a serious injury you are entitled under Ohio law to compensation for pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life. Of course lost wages and medical bills need to be paid. If you are unrepresented because the insurance company said they will take care of  you remember this. Their job is to take in premiums and pay out as little as possible. So their interests are directly opposed to yours.

Consider hiring an experienced Columbus Ohio car accident injury lawyer. Their interest is to get you as much as possible. The contingency fee ensures that the lawyer will try to get you as much as possible since the more you get the more the contingent fee lawyer gets.

Of course all lawyers are not created equal. Anthony Castelli has been helping accident injury victims recover financially for their harms for over 30 years. Read about his system of Five Fundamentals of Recovery that focuses his uncompromising advocacy on recovering every penny you deserve.  Then call him today for a free case consultation.

Source: Official U.S. Government Source on Distracted Driving

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